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Clinical Naturopath Specialising in

Canine, Equine and Feline,

 Complex and Chronic Conditions


Our animal naturopath tailor holistic and individualised health solutions for your best friend and provide you with information, education and inspiration through your pets health journey.

By combining a traditional naturopathic approach with modern scientific evidence, we formulate holistic treatment plans to promote self-healing. Our approach connects every aspect of your animals physical, mental and emotional health.

We utilise herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle modifications to treat the underlying  cause of your animal's complaints, naturally. Whether it is digestive complaints, anxiety, cancer or anything in between, your best friend's well-being  is our number one priority. 




After being told my 2.5yr old Maltese x Shih Tzu, Winnie, would have to be on a prescription kibble diet (no treats) for life due to struvite crystals in her urine, I desperately emailed Michelle. My gut instinct said, there has to be a better way to resolve this issue than dry biscuits for life.
Michelle immediately put my mind at ease with an email informing me that we could definitely work out a dietary solution where my dog could eat normal, natural, healthy food again.
We had a fabulous first consultation, really getting a feel for Winnie’s lifestyle, behaviours and diet history. The meal plan provided was super easy to follow, the supplements I needed - Michelle sourced and mailed to me. Any concerns or any questions - big or small - Michelle was there. Her communication is OUTSTANDING. I tell everyone with a dog or cat about her. My little pup is brighter, lighter, more engaging, less itchy and much more interested in her food again! We did a follow-up urine test, no crystals!! After a follow-up consultation, Michelle gave me a plan for moving forward on my own.
Honestly, Michelle’s support and guidance, calm and positive demeanour, and encouragement has been life-changing - for me and my dog. She really wants the best for people and their pets. I cannot thank her enough!



South Australia

“Michelle has been truly instrumental to the amazing transformation of our beloved Boxer Boy, Bailey. Bailey has had long term issues around skin and gut health and a naturopathic approach was our last resort to get this 6 year young boxer back to being his best self. Michelle listened, guided and nurtured us through some tough times as parents. Her attention to detail knowing when to make changes was second to none. I can only commend Michelle on the wonderful work she does for animals all around the world, the proof is evident… the holistic approach wins hands down”.




I can’t recommend Pure Animal Wellness more highly if I tried. My partner and I rescued a six-year-old Affenpincher dog during the pandemic, we knew he was malnourished but it wasn’t until we started working with Michelle that we realised how serious it was for our little boy. She guided us in getting blood tests so she could analyse the best course of action for him. She recommended nutrients, a meal plan, changes in activities that we did with him and ultimately helped us to think differently about food and life that would be best for him.

For us, we only want to give him the best, so the additions that we add to his daily food is helping him to grow stronger each day. Over the past 24 months we have seen a little shy scared boy turn into a cheeky little monkey who is brave, strong, courageous and confident and this is all because of Michelle‘s help for us to understand what he is lacking and what we can do to help him. Every time we have reached out to Michelle she has always been there for us for either a phone consultation or a virtual meeting, we have always felt that Michelle is right there alongside us on our journey. We have absolutely loved the way that she has encouraged us the whole way through and helped us to understand some of his actions, behaviours and other body language that our little boy has. This is a long journey with him, but we feel confident knowing we have Michelle with us!! 🐶


All our products are human-grade, 100% natural and free from fillers and preservatives

The Components of Our Naturopathic Consultations


Our animal naturopath provides you with individualised diet and supplementation recommendations based on the biochemistry and physiology of your animal. All our dietary recommendations are species-appropriate, nutritionally balanced, and follow the NRC guidelines for feline, canine and equine nutrition.


All our herbal medicine prescriptions are tailored to each individual client’s needs by our animal naturopath. We only use the highest quality, human-grade liquid herbs in our formulations. We appreciate and love the traditional herbal knowledge, however, we keep up to date with the latest research and always prescribe evidence-based medicine.


The animal naturopath suggests individualised lifestyle and environmental modifications and positive reinforcement training techniques. These modifications aim to enrich and improve your animal’s quality of life and improve their physical and mental health. For clients requiring physical rehabilitation; we prescribe massage and techniques and at-home exercises.


Blood chemistry is usually utilised to measure the presence or absence of disease. However, when we analyse blood tests from a functional perspective, dysfunction can be detected sub-clinically. This means that disease states can be avoided entirely by treating the cause of dysfunction. We can perform comprehensive analysis throughout your animals health journey.

Integrative Pathology Testing

If your companion is suffering from a complex or chronic condition, we help facilitate further testing as required through integrative laboratories. We can currently arrange for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, which gives us a nutritional status of the cells throughout the body as well as heavy metal levels.

We can also organise a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis to assess gut health on a deeper level than what is available through conventional veterinary testing. To find out more about what testing may be suitable for your animals, get in touch today.

Hair tissue mineral analysis naturopath
hair tissue mineral analysis